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Market Update: April Fool’s Edition

Apr 2, 2024

Yesterday was April’s Fools day, but certainly the market has been no joke since Halloween.  The market seems to be holding steady, had a large move up through mid February, and has been holding from there.  Where to now?

It is always difficult to make shorter term predictions, but certainly the market does hit all time highs on a consistent basis, like where we are now.  I would also think we will have a down market sometime in 2024.  My favorite economist (and several others) are still calling for a recession, although a shallow one if there is such a thing.

So…..where does that leave us.  Market is hard to predict in the short term at current levels, but I do think interest rates will be stay steady, or move down.  I think more likely to stay steady, and any move down will be slow.  If that is the case, a high quality bond fund is a great place to be.  High historic yields, and if rates do go down, should see some capital appreciation.  This is what the Federal Reserve is giving us right now, and a great time to put some funds in bonds.