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Life Insurance / Annuities

Annuities are just one of the many strategies we use to create income for your retirement. Schott Financial Management works with top-rated, nationally-vetted Annuity, and Life Insurance companies to ensure our clients receive the most competitive term and whole life policies. We have extensive knowledge of annuities and can help answer any of your questions, from filling out paperwork to explaining how lifetime income can work for you.


IRA Rollovers

We provide clients with timely rollovers from traditional IRAs, 401k, profit sharing, pension and other qualified plans to individual investments. We assist in Roth conversions and setting up Traditional IRAs. Schott Financial Management’s experienced staff has performed countless rollovers and will ensure all items are processed as a rollover to maintain the qualified status of the funds.


Portfolio Analysis

Throughout our 30 year history, clients appreciate our ability to explain their portfolio performance clearly and concisely. Schott Financial Management provides transparent, comprehensive reporting of all securities including individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETF’s. Clients can utilize our computer platform to help with cash flow and risk analysis. Our consistent contact with our clients assures performance and re-allocation as necessary.


Retirement Plans

Schott Financial Management provides planning for 401k, profit sharing, pension, and other qualified plans. We coordinate with product sponsors and third-party administrators to help employers evaluate plans and review investment plan choice, offer periodic informational meetings and provide office support for both participants and sponsors.


Tax Strategies

You’ve earned your money, we work to keep it. Schott Financial Management carefully selects portfolios based on return, expense, and tax implications. Our advanced strategies including Charitable Remainder Trusts and tax-free income solutions.

Estate planning


Estate Planning

Leave the legacy you want behind. At Schott Financial Management, we work with client attorneys and CPAs to help design an estate plan that works best for you and your family. Whether it’s generational gifting, tax planning for beneficiaries, or setting up Inherited IRAS, our experienced staff has you covered. New to the Prescott area? We’d be happy to refer you to one of our legacy planning specialists.


529 Plans

Did you know that cost of college doubles every 9 years? It’s never too early to start saving for your children or grandchildren’s future. Schott Financial Management offers assistance with setting up 529 plans and other college savings options. We also provide our clients with portfolio design and re-balancing options for college savings accounts.

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NOTE: All investing and investment strategies involve risk including the potential loss of principal. Asset allocation & diversification do not ensure a profit or prevent a loss in a declining market. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.